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Brainerd watertower

Brainerd's Landmark Watertower:
Dey didn't show ya dis here really big watertower dat we're so attached ta in dat der movie, did dey?

We was mentioned in dat der purty littl' National Geographic Magazine ting doncha know. Dey wrote up some nice tings about us and our littl' web site. Ya know, dey sure take nice pitures.
 fargo - the movie
 A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere.

Thursday, February 13, 1996

Local police getting calls about "Fargo"

Staff Writer

The crime thriller "Fargo," set for major release this Friday, may be based on a true story but not one that occurred in Brainerd.

"Fargo," the latest release by Minnesota natives Joel and Ethan Coen, is set in Fargo, Brainerd and Minneapolis.

Brainerd Police Chief Frank Ball said he has received several phone calls about the portrayal of the Brainerd Police Department in the movie.

In the movie, a pregnant Brainerd Police Chief Marge Gunderson, portrayed by Frances McDormand, investigates a homicide.

There is no word yet on when "Fargo" may be seen in Brainerd.

Ball said he received one call from Wisconsin. He said he explained to the caller that there is running water in Brainerd but the phone lines consist of two cups and a string.

When asked if he plans to see this movie, Ball said, "You betcha."


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