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Brainerd watertower

Brainerd's Landmark Watertower:
Dey didn't show ya dis here really big watertower dat we're so attached ta in dat der movie, did dey?

We was mentioned in dat der purty littl' National Geographic Magazine ting doncha know. Dey wrote up some nice tings about us and our littl' web site. Ya know, dey sure take nice pitures.
 fargo - the movie
 A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere.

Tuesday, February 11, 1997


Frances McDormand appears in a scene from "FARGO", which was nominated for a best picture Oscar today in Hollywood. McDormand was nominated for best actress.

(AP Photo/Gramercy Pictures)

Reaction to 'Fargo' nomination
City Editor

"Fargo," the movie that's actually about Brainerd, was nominated for five Academy Awards this morning, including best picture.

The dark comedy that depicts a murder investigation by a Brainerd police chief has been praised by critics and has prompted inquiries from around the world about the fictional murders.

Brainerd law enforcement officials and The Brainerd Dispatch have received many calls and letters asking for more details about the "murders."

The confusion results from a written text that appears at the beginning of the movie and states: "This is a true story. The events depicted in this film took place in Minnesota in 1987. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred."

Adding to the uncertainty was co-producer Ethan Coen's mixed signals about the truth of the story. In April of 1996, he told The Dispatch the story was largely true. While admitting the murders did not occur in MInnesota, he maintained they did occur somewhere.

In an introduction to a paperback verison of the script Coen was a little more forthcoming about the story, writing, "It aims to be both homey and exotic, and pretends to be true."

Meanwhile The Dispatch home page's site about the movie "Fargo," continues to draw interested readers from around the U.S. and abroad, averaging about 20 hits a day. Inquiries have come from Oman, Russia, Pakistan and Ireland, according to Denny Newman, pre-press manager for the Dispatch.

In addition to its best picture nomination, "Fargo" received four other nominations: Frances McDormand for best actress, William H. Macy for supporting actor, Joel Coen for director and Ethan and Joel Coen for screenplay (written directly for the screen).


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